Learning About the World Today
to Help Make a Better Tomorrow

The mission of Cedarville Global Community School is to nurture, encourage and educate our future adventurers, scholars and visionaries.

Through partnering with families, we work together to instill a sense of value and wonder about the world around us, and the importance of community engagement.


At Cedarville Global Community School, each part of our curriculum has been purposely developed to align with our values and goals. We want to educate our children to be global citizens understanding wherever they live in the world, kindness, compassion, and civic involvement is valuable.

We know children learn best by doing, so our program is based on active learning both outdoors and indoors. From cooking to exploring nature to language and exposure to the arts, our school offers an array of activities covering the interests of all our children.

We mix into that the building blocks of critical thinking like curiosity, exploration, inquisitiveness and wonder. We use language, science, and math concepts to provide the framework for these skills.

We are proud to have a school that creates a cozy, warm atmosphere for young children and their families. We hope you will explore the world with us!


Creative Environment

Children learn best through play, guided curriculum, nature, the arts and cultural awareness. Our school works with parents and local businesses to help our children grow to be compassionate and inquisitive, and have the tools for a healthy lifestyle.

We believe teachers create the best learning environments when they are allowed to explore new ideas and strategies for their classrooms. Each teacher is unique just like each child and we want to encourage everyone to be their most vibrant self.

In our opinion, standardized testing, generalized assessments and premade curriculum move the focus of true learning into check boxes and unnecessary stress for young learners. We are confident that our children will be ready for any elementary school program and, more importantly, have the foundations of exploration and problem solving long after they graduate from Cedarville.

Nurturing Approach

At Cedarville Global Community School, we believe the first and most important part of your child’s development is their emotional intelligence. The ability to work well with others, problem solve and explore is paramount to success.

We believe creating an environment where everyone can learn at their own pace with encouragement and a loving atmosphere is where the journey of life-long learning begins. Our creative curriculum is developed as a team by the staff and teaching strategies are applied from around the globe.

As the world becomes smaller and our perspectives grow bigger, we look at the most innovative educational philosophies to adapt to our school.